Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Alaska Viking by Keith Iverson

In this autobiography, Keith Iverson sets out in search of adventure and heads into remote Alaska. Living in the Alaskan bush Keith works hard to build his dream wilderness lodge and entertains guests from around the world. After a devastating oil spill, Iverson enlists in helping with the cleanup and personally commits to helping protect the land that he loves. 

All of these adventures and more are accounted for in this novel. The reviewer enjoyed this read and felt there was never a dull moment throughout the novel, if you enjoy a good autobiography this book may be for you!

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

A Voice in the Wind takes place during the height of the Roman Empire, when a young Jewish woman is taken prisoner from Jerusalem and sent to Rome to be a slave. 

Throughout the story the various characters lives are touched by this young woman’s kindness, acceptance and story of hope. The reviewer felt this inspirational fiction book was well written, fast paced and an all around great read.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Devil Among Us by Mike McIntyre

Winnipeg Free Press reporter and author Mike McIntyre tells the true story of the abduction of two young prairie boys in 2006, and the manhunt and public outrage that ensued. The perpetrator Peter Whitmore was a notorious offender who, prior to this particular abduction, had already established a shocking criminal record. McIntyre provides readers with a look into Whitmore’s crimes, the lives of his victims, and shows readers how the legal system failed to acknowledge or act on the numerous warning signs that Whitmore would strike again.

This book is a fantastic, though frightening glimpse into the criminals that lurk among us, even in our seemingly safe Canadian communities. With interesting insights, this book enlightens readers with the realities of the criminal justice and legal systems. This book will astound, fascinate and frighten readers to learn what humans are really capable of.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks

Hallucinations provide an intriguing investigation into the depth of a curious phenomenon. Author and neurologist Oliver Sacks has drawn on fascinating examples from his own patients who have experienced hallucinations to explain the complexities of what causes them, different types of hallucinations, and how life is lived with hallucinations. In this book, Sacks invites us to discover what he considered to be the “most incredible thing in the universe” – the human brain.

While reading this book, you can feel the passion for the human mind that Sacks must have felt during his lifetime. Hallucinations gives readers a compassionate and informative look into hallucinations, what they are, and the experiences real people have had with the phenomena. This book is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about and explore their curiosity of the human mind and the marvelous things it is capable of.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

For fans of The Shining, Stephen King has brought us the sequel Doctor Sleep.
Little Danny Torrance, now middle-aged, settles down after drifting for decades, still haunted by the ghosts of the Overlook Hotel and his father’s legacy of alcoholism and violence. Settling into a small New Hampshire town, Dan becomes known as “Doctor Sleep” in the nursing home he finds work at. However, he is soon thrown into a war between himself and his demons, and good and evil after meeting Ava, a young girl with the shining who is being hunted by a tribe of murderous quasi-immortal paranormal people.

This thrilling page-turner takes new readers and long time readers alike on a whole new adventure. Filled with suspense, the paranormal, and action, along with some of the same characters long time readers came to love in The Shining, this book is hard to put down. It is a great read for anyone who loves books about the internal struggle with one’s demons and the conflicts between good vs. evil.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cherish by Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas, bestselling author of Sacred Marriage has done it again, with his latest book titled; Cherish: The one word that changes everything for your marriage.

Gary’s main focus is on the word Cherish and what it means to live out this word daily towards your spouse. Using many examples from the Bible, he offers fresh new hope that when this is accomplished it brings out the best in both partners. He acknowledges that this may at times be a challenge for various reasons, but for real change to happen, a daily decision of the heart needs to be made to choose to make a commitment of contentment towards your beloved.

Whether married for five days or fifty years, young and old alike will feel encouraged and hopeful upon reading this God inspired book that is filled to the brim with wisdom. The reviewer highly recommends it.