Monday, December 29, 2008

National Geographic's Sacred Places of a Lifetime

Whether or not we enjoy travelling to the far corners of the world, very few of us can resist great travel books. A new National Geographic book, Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s most peaceful and powerful desinations, is the ultimate reference guide for cultural travelers, regardless of whether they are armchair travellers, virtual travellers, or actual travellers.

This book is filled with the wonderful quality photographs that we expect from National Geographic, but it has much more. Included with a description of the site are its history, and highlights. Also, for anyone wishing to travel to the site the brief notes include when to go and the planning involved such as visa requirements, safety concerns, weather considerations, and health warnings. The website of each site is also given.

The fly-leaf offers a description of the contents of this book and I quote:
“Join National Geographic on a spiritual and cultural odyssey across time and space, as we visit the most powerful, evocative and magical sites on the planet—the sacred places, ancient and modern, famous and unknown—where men and women have reached out across millennia to find their gods. As richly diverse as human faith in all its forms, these are sites that lift our spirits and open our eyes.”

The library has many great travel books, but I think this one will be special, and certainly one of my favourites.

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