Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Never sleep three in a bed

Never sleep three in a bed by Max Braithwaite

Growing up in Saskatchewan at the beginning of the century wasn’t easy, especially if you had 7 brothers and sisters and there weren’t enough beds for everyone. Max Braithwaite takes us back to those days with bitter-sweet humour as he describes what it was like to be the 6th sibling in a large family who seemed to always be one step ahead of the bill collectors.

This book took me through a whole spectrum of emotions – in places I laughed until I cried, in other spots I cried because it was sad, and in other spots it made me angry at the circumstances in the world at that time. By the end, I had a very good picture of the good and the bad of everyday life in the early days of growing up in western Canada.

If you read this book and find yourself wanting more - the saga continues in the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour winner, ”The Night we Stole the Mounties Car”, which takes us through the depression years. The story concludes in “Why Shoot the Teacher”. I read these books many years ago and I just finished rereading them. I think I enjoyed them more the second time around.

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