Monday, February 23, 2009

A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Triumph (editied by Colleen Sell)

The book I’d like to review today is called: A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Triumph edited by Colleen Sell

This book was brought to my attention because it includes the story of someone I know and you may know too. Her name is Sally Unrau and she is a fellow Breast Cancer Survivor who I met a number of years ago at a Breast Cancer Support Group at Boundary Trails Hospital. I was struck by her courage and inspiring personality then, and was excited when I heard her article was chosen for this book.

Each year thousands of women across North America are touched with Breast Cancer. It may be a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter…………….and in 2001, it was me. What I wanted to read at that time was a book like this. This book includes 46 stories from women across North America who tell their stories of facing Breast Cancer and surviving. It’s a book that will give hope and courage to women who are facing their own battle with Breast Cancer and will give a window into the experience for those who walk along side.

Everyone’s story is different but everyone tells their first hand experience with Cancer. They are about doctors and nurses, relatives and friends, fellow sufferers who supported and encouraged them; about honesty, courage, strength, humor, hope, grace, and dignity that they didn’t know they had.

I would encourage you to read this book and to pass it on to anyone who has or has had Breast Cancer. It’s called, A Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors; and it’s in your local library. If you would like to purchase it, it’s good to know that 50 cents of every copy sold will be contributed to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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