Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing-Thing by Carey Fagan

In November, the three branches of the South Central Regional Library were lucky enough to have Canadian author, Cary Fagan visit us. Each branch invited classes of children to hear Cary talk about writing his books. In Morden, he read one of his latest children’s books called Thing-Thing. The Grade 2 children were mesmerized as he read aloud the story of a spoiled little boy who throws a new toy out his hotel window. As poor Thing-Thing falls past each window, he sees people inside who have their own stories to tell. They all see him as he flies past their windows and wonder what he is. As Thing-Thing gets closer and closer to the ground he thinks about how all he ever wanted was to be cuddled and loved by a little child.

The pictures in the book are wonderful and Cary told us how he imagined Thing-Thing to look different than the artist drew him. Now he can’t imagine him looking any other way! It was a wonderful experience to hear the author read his own story. I read Thing-Thing before we had our author visit and enjoyed it very much. Check out a copy of this book from your library and share Thing-Thing by Cary Fagan with your family.

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