Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Irish Tweed by Andrew Greeley

‘Tis a fine tale indeed, it is. Nuala Anne McGrail is at it again.

In the newest novel from Andrew Greeley the irresistible problem-solver from Connemara warns her loyal, loving husband, Dermot Michael Coyne, that someone is out to do the Coyne family harm. You see, Nuala Anne is a wee bit fey (an Irish term for clairvoyant). She can sense something happening before it does. Nuala Anne and her large Chicago Irish family have had many adventures that always involve searching historical records.

In this tale, bullies have taken over her children’s school yard. Someone attempts to murder the nice young man from Ireland who is courting the Coyne’s nanny.

Old country feuds and new world politics are involved with the mystery. The mystery, of course, is all sorted out but the sorting out makes for an excellent read.

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