Monday, July 27, 2009

This water goes north by Dennis Weidemann

Al, a few weeks ago you interviewed Dennis Weidemann who wrote a book “This Water goes North”, and Dennis did a presentation in the Altona Library.

In 1979 Dennis and 3 friends canoed down the Red River from Iowa, across Lake Winnipeg, and into the Hayes River, all the way to York Factory on Hudson Bay. The 4 young men set out with borrowed canoes, poor equipment, little experience and little knowledge of what to expect. At that point we did not yet have a copy of the book, but after reading it, I can truly say I really enjoyed it, and savoured every page.

Throughout much of the book , one thought kept popping into my mind … What were they thinking… But that is what makes up much of the charm of this book. Weidemann does a great job of telling the reader what was is in the head and the heart of a young adventurer. One particularly poignant statement comes as they enter Canada.

Upon leaving Norway House, Weidemann writes about how unexpectedly difficult it was to leave the small communities where they had made friendships.

I recently came across a quote by the great adventurer, Sir Edmund Hilary, and although he was writing about his home, New Zealand, the same can be said of Canada “In my journeying through the wild and lovely places of the earth, I sometimes forget how lovely my own land is.”

Wiedemann reminds us all of how beautiful and interesting our country is, and that adventure comes to those who welcome it.

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