Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 39 Clues series

What would happen if we took an idea for a series and then had some of the best kids fiction writers each write a volume in the series.

This is the idea behind the 39 clues series. The first book, written by Rick Riordan of Percy Jackson fame is called “The Maze of Bones” and introduces the main characters and the plot for the series. Orphans, Dan and Amy Cahill have given up a 2 million dollar inheritance to take part in a treasure hunt that hopefully will lead them to even greater treasure. Unfortunately for them a number of other family members have also undertaken the same challenge, and let’s just say, these are not nice people.

Book 2 "One False Note" written by Gordon Korman is the next book in the series, followed by “The Sword Thief” by Peter Lerangis. Each book in the series will have Dan and Amy travelling to a different part of the world, finding the 39 clues that lead to the treasure. A contemporary series that combines history and travel is a hit with me, and if the first book is an indication of what’s in store, it’s sure to be a hit with young readers.

I enjoyed the 1st book, but then I’m a Riordan fan, so I spoke to several young readers who were reading the series and they also give it a thumbs up.

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