Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to the Garden by Pete Fornatale

Recently we remembered that it was 40 years ago that men first walked on the moon. It seems to be an important year for anniversaries.

Another 40th anniversary being acknowledged this month is Woodstock. In his book “Back to the Garden”, Pete Fornatele has published a number of interviews with Woodstock organizers, performers, and audience members. It is a look at the rock and roll phenomenon that shaped popular music for the next several decades. Woodstock launched the careers of many folk and rock superstars. We often hear about the rain and the mud, but what’s interesting about this book are the details of what it was like to actually perform on that stage and look out at ½ million fans. What was surprising to me was the number of bands that were not well known before Woodstock, but rocketed to instant stardom because of this single performance.

The library holds a number of autobiographies of the musicians who performed at Woodstock. But this book pulls their stories together into a single volume and is both history and nostalgia.

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