Monday, August 10, 2009

New picture books

Summer is a time for families to enjoy books and reading together. All branches of the library have new children’s picture books and I decided to highlight a couple of them today.

Sheree Fitch’s Sleeping Dragons All Around has been re-released in a 20th anniversary edition. Fitch’s prose is wonderfully lyrical, and this makes it such fun to read aloud. As with others of Fitch’s books this book becomes more enjoyable with each reading. The illustrations by Michele Nidenoff are bright and interesting pieces of art in their own right. The prose and illustrations complement each other beautifully. I’d encourage anyone to read other Sheree Fitch books as well, including one of my all time favourites, There’s a mouse in our house.

The picture of the dog on the front cover of Kenneth Oppel’s The King’s Taster, is priceless. The dog’s name is Max, and he eats like a king, because- he’s the King’s taster. He gets to try everything before it’s served to the king. When a new king (let’s just say he’s a bit spoiled) takes the throne, the cook is at wits end trying to find something he likes to eat. He travels the world looking for new foods, and Max enjoys every tasty new dish. The illustrations in this book are a beautiful and interesting hybrid of artistic styles that defy description.

Great children’s picture books can be found in all 4 branches of the South Central Regional Library, and summer is a great time to read with children and grandchildren.

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