Monday, August 10, 2009

"Well Preserved" by Eugenia Bone

The arrival of the new book “Well preserved” by Eugenia Bone reminded me that it’s a good time to talk about recipe books for putting up all the delicious garden produce. Each branch of the library has books on preserving foods and it’s a good time to check one out.

When I think of preserving food, freezing, water bath canning, and pickling are the processes that come to mind. In her book, “Well preserved”, Eugenia Bone includes instructions for these, but also others that we don’t usually think of. Pressure canning, preserving in oil, curing and smoking are included in this book as well. Bone includes recipes for using the preserves she makes.

Some of Bone’s recipes probably will not have a huge audience, but there are some really interesting ones to try in this book.

Stop by the library for a cookbook before picking those vegetables, or on your way home from the farmer’s market. It may result in a new family favourite, when - come winter, the flavor will remind you of sunshine and warm your day.

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