Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Kennedys

The closest thing to royalty that the United States has is the Kennedy family. The recent death of Ted Kennedy has once again brought this family into the spotlight. Though TV news networks will cover the event and offer up much family history, a trip to the library could be worthwhile for anyone delving deeper into this family’s story. Three books published since 2003 come to mind.

The Kennedy Men 1901 – 1963 by Laurence Leamer chronicles Joe Kennedy’s and his family’s rise to power and influence up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

“The Kennedy curse: Why America’s first family has been haunted by tragedy for 150 years” by Edward Klein is another possibility.

The book that some reviewers claim offers a new not-before-seen perspective is Thomas Maier’s “The Kennedys: Americas Emerald Kings: A five-generation History of the ultimate Irish-Catholic family”. This book offers an insight into the relationship between the Kennedy family and the Catholic church.

Books on the Kennedy family and American politics are located in all branches of the South Central Regional Library.

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