Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Vinyl Cafe unplugged by Stuart McLean

One of our staff enjoys reading and listening to the Christmas stories told by Stuart Mclean. One of her favourites is the story “Christmas Presents” in The Vinyl Café unplugged. In this story, Dave, his wife Morley, and their children Stephanie and Sam decide to draw names and make a present for that person. Each person tackles the project with varying degrees of enthusiasm. As is often the case at the Vinyl Café, good intentions go south, but there is always an uplifting and heartwarming message in the end.

The library has a number of Vinyl Café books, and audio books. Many fans might recognize “Dave Cooks the Turkey” which is found in the Home from the Vinyl Café collection.

The stories are by turns sweet and silly, funny and touching. McLean has a gift for bringing characters to life and finding both the humourous and touching in everyday events.

They are a great treat for a cold December night.

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