Friday, January 29, 2010

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

February is I Love to Read month, and all month long I’ll be letting you know what books library staff love to read. Today’s recommendation comes from the Morden Branch, and I think I can safely say that Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels are favourites among the staff of that branch.

Gone tomorrow, the 13th book in the Jack Reacher series is another page turner. Reacher left home at 18, graduated from West Point, spent 13 years in the army, was promoted, and demoted, and has become a drifter after leaving the army. He could be described as a knight without armour, an action hero, and a lone wolf. He is intelligent, enigmatic, tough, and no stranger to trouble.

In Gone Tomorrow, our hero finds himself in the New York subway. He suspects that a fellow passenger is a suicide bomber. The choices he makes triggers a chain of events that find him embroiled in a conflict involving the Defence dept., the FBI, and Al-quaeda.

As usual, Lee Child does not disappoint and his loyal fans are eagerly awaiting the next Jack Reacher novel.

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