Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian

Those who knew that Alice Hayward’s husband was abusive were not surprised to learn that he had killed her and then killed himself.

As often happens in these circumstances friends and acquaintances blamed themselves for not having done something to help. The pastor who had baptized Alice the morning of the day she died thought he should have been more aware of how bad the situation was. The pastor finds his faith in God slipping away after the murder. Alice’s best friend thought she should have tried harder to persuade Alice to leave her husband. Then the state’s attorney begins to suspect that Alice’s husband was murdered and finds out that Alice and her pastor were more than friends. Heather Laurent, author of a best seller about angels, arrives in town hoping to be able to help the daughter of the dead couple. Heather had lived through the murder-suicide of her own parents.

As the story unfolds we learn many secrets and are shocked by the ending.

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