Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Animals of the World from World Book

Libraries are gearing up for the Summer Reading Club, Destination Jungle, and registration begins June 24.
With this in mind I’d like to highlight several new series from World Book, found in the Juvenile Non-fiction section. These series, collectively titled Animals of the World are bright, and colourful and offer a wealth of information on the diversity of animals found on our planet.

With summer reading upon us, the one I chose to highlight is Howlers and Other New World Monkeys. This book answers such questions as “Why do howlers howl?” “Which monkeys are named after monks?” “Are woolly monkeys really woolly?” and many more.

When we think of jungles, we usually think of Africa, but we must remember that much of South and Central America is covered by jungles as well. Taking a few books from the Animals of the World series OFF THE SHELF can be incredibly educational, and provide hours of enjoyment.

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