Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dinosaur Cove series by Rex Stone

The latest edition of Time magazine includes a cover article on how much learning children lose during a 2 month summer vacation. Goals of our Summer Reading Club are to reduce this summer learning loss as well as encouraging children to read for pleasure. While the Summer Reading Club is no longer taking registrations, anytime is a good time to get into - or back to - the habit of reading.

A new series that is popular among boys and girls who like adventure tales is the Dinosaur Cove series. In this series, Jamie has just moved from the city into the lighthouse at Dinosaur Cove. Jamie’s dad plans to open a dinosaur museum on the main floor, but Jamie and his new friend, a local boy named Tom, discover a cave that leads into a secret world of real dinosaurs.

The quick pace of the novels, and the cartoon style illustrations throughout, make them fun to read and the reading level will appeal to a broad range of children.

I know that with this summer’s weather kids would rather spend their days in the pool – who wouldn’t. But a few minutes of reading each day can be both beneficial and enjoyable.

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