Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bee and me by Ellie J. McGuinness, illustrated by Heather Brown

This week and next, branches of the South Central Regional Library are taking registrations for the fall session of Pre-School Storytime. This program runs every Wed. morning from 10 – 10:45, so please call your local branch for details, or check the library’s website.

One children’s book that comes highly recommended by Brody and his Grandmother Shirl, is The Bee and Me written by Ellie J McGuinness and illustrated by Heather Brown. In this book, the bee is working in a backyard - doing what bees do. A dog scares the bee and it ends up trapped in a little boy’s room. Initially the boy is frightened and hides, but curiosity gets the best of him. This bee can talk and informs the boy and the reader of the vital role bees play in the environment.

One feature of this book is the “animation”. It is drawn in such a way that the bee appears to fly and dance, the flower appears to open from a bud, and the bee cries a big tear as the boy waves goodbye and frees him.

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