Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The no-cry separation anxiety solution by Elizabeth Pantley

This is a season of change for many families. Anxiety in children beginning kindergarten or day-care can cause a parent’s heart to break. Elizabeth Pantley has developed gentle, effective solutions for every separation situation in her new book The no-cry separation anxiety solution. Her book will help children and parents alike.

Pantley examines and explains separation anxiety and provides practical instructions and solutions for overcoming the challenging moments. She helps parents to understand separation anxiety as a normal stage of development. Pantley explains the difference between anxiety that stems from fear, and the love-based separation that is often found in families facing new experiences.

Pantley notes that children express separation anxiety in different ways. She writes that even if children display no outward signs of anxiety, that doesn’t mean they do not feel it.

She points out that it is critical to examine each child’s individual needs in order to best help them cope.

Pantley’s book is available in most library branches.

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