Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative Costumes

“Mom I need a costume” will have a familiar ring in many households at this time of year. Buying a costume from the store can be very easy, but making a costume can be very satisfying and a lot cheaper. A new book, Creative Costumes by Ecocrafts demonstrates how to recycle materials to make fun costumes.

The costumes in this book can easily be made from materials around the home with some glue and paint –little or no sewing ability required for most of them. A few colourful plastic bags and a little glue can become a lovely mermaid costume. Find an old tank top and cut up an old lace tablecloth and you can quickly transform them into a princess costume. Using green garbage bags and a green 2 litre pop bottle anyone can quickly become a fire breathing dragon. A knight in shining armor is also a possibility.

Creative costumes is only one of the many costume making books in the library. A list of titles is currently posted on our website www.scrlibrary.mb.ca. Making costumes together is a great way to spend time with family and also use up some of the odds and ends around the house.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Complete Peanuts

Good Grief, Charlie Brown is 60 years old today. That was the text of an email I got one day last week.
The body of work created by Charles M. Schulz is staggering and would be a huge undertaking for any fan to go through.

Across the decades Schulz has entertained us with his loveable characters. The library holds the series, The Complete Peanuts. In this body of work, the evolution of the series is apparent. By the mid 1950s many of the characters had already assumed most of their lovable quirks. Charlie Brown had taken on the persona of the loveable loser. Linus had found his security blanket and with it his voice. Schroeder only had eyes and ears for Beethoven, much to Lucy's chagrin. And Snoopy’s imagination had begun to sore. The longevity of the characters is truly amazing.

The timelessness of the comic strip is evidence of how deeply fans of any age identify with the characters. As the evenings become longer and we are forced inside, The Complete Peanuts would be a little like wrapping ourselves in our own security blanket.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is Library Month

October is Library Month and this year’s theme is, Your Library: Your world: Opening Doors to the Future. This year the Canadian Library Association and libraries across the country are “emphasizing their role in introducing new ideas, new stories and new ways into the world around us through traditional and emerging technologies”.

One example of merging technologies found in today’s libraries is access to a service called Overdrive. Overdrive offers downloadable audio books and is available free to all library card holders. Overdrive is available on the library’s website www.scrlibrary.mb.ca. The type of device each book can be played on is indicated in the Overdrive catalogue. These cover a wide range including a PC, Mac, Windows Media Audio, Ipod, MP3 or ebook reader. Once the titles are downloaded, patrons have them for 2 weeks at which time they are removed from the device. However, many titles may be burned onto CD – great for anyone going on a long trip.

Overdrive has a large catalogue of titles that includes children’s books, young adult, fiction, nonfiction and many classics.

If there is a title you’ve always wanted to read but just never got to – check the overdrive catalogue.