Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Changing my Mind by Margaret Trudeau

Margaret Trudeau has been in the public eye since her marriage to the Prime Minister at the age of twenty two. We watched her as a young mother and thought she was living the fairy tale. The public then watched as her first marriage ended. She had to endure the spotlight again following the deaths of her son Michel, and of Pierre Trudeau.

What we didn’t know was that through it all she struggled with Bipolar disorder. After receiving the diagnosis and learning how to deal with the disease, Margaret Trudeau has dedicated herself to helping others suffering from mental illness and bringing water to families in countries like Ethiopia.

In the book, Trudeau shares many personal photographs, and it includes 3 essays written by mental health professionals.

This book has been on bestseller lists for several weeks. This isn’t just any memoir, but one written by an incredibly interesting and courageous Canadian. The book is held in most library branches.

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