Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harperland: The Politics of Control by Lawrence Martin

Last week we talked about the American election, and this week I’d like to focus on Canadian politics, specifically the new book by Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin, Harperland: the politics of control. This book has been on the bestseller lists for several weeks.

Martin draws on interviews with prominent insiders to examine all aspects of Harper’s government. The dust jacket states that “Martin probes the secrecy, the muzzling of opponents, and the workings of an exhaustive vetting system.” Included in Martin’s investigation are Harper’s silencing of the diplomatic service, the centralizing of power, the relationship with the media, the Chuck Cadman affair, campaign financing, the dismissal of Linda Keen, the Afghan detainees cover-up and much more.

Lawrence Martin notes that “Stephen Harper could be gone in a few months or he could be Prime Minister for another ten or fifteen years”. Harperland is available in the library and could help readers decide which of those scenarios will occur.

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