Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Children make terrible pets by Peter Brown

There are some great programs coming up at the library for children. Check with your local branch about Storytime registration, and at the end of January, the annual Pajama Party comes up on Family Literacy Day.

The library has recently received many new children’s books including Children make terrible pets.

Do you know of a child who would bring home a wild creature seen roaming outdoors. Have you ever asked a child “Would you like it if a wild animal made you its pet?” This is the question posed by author Peter Brown’s mother when he brought home a frog. Now an adult, Brown has penned a wonderful new children’s book entitled Children make terrible pets.

In this delightful book, a bear named Lucy comes across a cute little boy in the forest and decides to take him home to be her pet. Lucy’s mother is not happy, and tells her she must take care of him - he is her responsibility. They have great fun doing everything together, but Lucy learns that having a pet child isn’t all fun and games. Eventually Lucy learns how it feels to allow her pet to return to his own kind.

This is a charming book to share with any child; full of funny and poignant moments.

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