Friday, January 21, 2011

How to raise mom and dad by Josh Lerman, Illustrated by Greg Clarke

Thurs. Jan. 27 is Family Literacy Day. This year all branches of the library will be celebrating the day by holding the annual pajama party at 7:00pm. Wear your pajamas and come to the library for bedtime stories read by guest readers, and a bedtime snack.

An entertaining new children’s book that recently arrived in the library is How to raise mom & dad by Josh Lerman and illustrated by Greg Clarke. The subtitle of the book is “instructions from someone who figured it out”.

This book is full of great instructions for children on how to get what you want from mom and dad and how to make sure they are getting all the sleep, exercise, and healthy food they need. Suggestions include: waking mom and dad up very early so they will have lots of time to get to work; have dad give you piggyback rides because this will strengthen his knees and back; eat as few green vegetables as possible so that there will be more for mom and dad; and keep mom and dad very busy at bedtime so they will be more tired and sleep well.

This and many great children’s books are found on library shelves and we hope everyone shares the gifts of books and reading on Family Literacy Day.

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