Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lonely Planet Discover Guides

Recently, the library has updated the travel section to include some of the Lonely Planet’s new Discover Series. These are different from the old tried and true Lonely Planet Guides, in that this series seems to be aimed at a wide variety of travelers from the budget conscious backpacker to the more seasoned traveler.

These guides are packed with bright colourful pictures, itineraries, maps, and lots of suggestions on what to see and do. There is less of a focus on where to stay and eat than there was in the older Lonely Planet editions, and more of a focus on what to see and do. These guides provide the web sites for almost everything they list. These guides are an excellent resource when planning that trip of a lifetime.

The library has acquired guides for Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, and New Zealand. There is one copy of each in the system, and staff would be happy to place an interbranch loan for you.

If travelling is in your plans, check out the library shelves for some great resources.

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