Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Social Networks and Blogs by Lori Hile

Does all the techno-speak out there have you feeling old. Does talk of Blogs, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc leave you wanting to climb into a time machine set for the past? Or are you a parent concerned about social networking?
The library can help.

A brand new book from the Mastering Media series, entitled Social Networks and Blogs by Lori Hile is a useful resource for any age. The content is useful to everyone, and the writing level would be about gr. 3 – 4. For the young who are comfortable with social networking and their parents, it includes tips and suggestions for using the various technologies safely. For those who just want to know what Twitter or Wikipedia are, or what a blog is, this book gives a basic description of what they are, and how they work. I was shocked when I read this statistic in the book, “Most teens spend an average of seven and a half hours each day using a combination of media, including cell phones, MP3 players, computers, video games, the Internet, television and DVDs.” The book addresses the issue of cyber-stress resulting from this information overload, and encourages users to find ways to disconnect from technology.

This is a useful and timely book for anyone grappling with social networking issues.

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