Tuesday, May 31, 2011

33 Men by Jonathan Franklin

It only seems like a short time ago that the world held its breath as the 33 Chilean miners were pulled from 2300 feet underground. In his new book, 33 Men, journalist Jonathan Franklin offers a chronological account of the event, both inside the mine, and on top among rescuers, family and political leaders.

Eight exploratory bore holes were hastily drilled and 17 days after the accident, a note written in bold red letters appeared taped to the drill bit. It read ”We are well in the shelter, the 33”! Before the miners were rescued Franklin interviewed them via a makeshift phone that connected them to the surface. He developed a bond of trust with the miners as they described in detail the dramatic first 17 days of their confinement. Cut off from the outside world and unsure if they would ever be found, they were forced to create their own society while struggling to come to grips with the likelihood of a slow death.

This timely book is an uplifting story of survival and endurance and truly captures the story of the miners and the men and women who literally moved a mountain to save them.

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