Wednesday, June 29, 2011

elibraries Manitoba (Download books)

Summer is only just beginning, and before long, I’m sure parents will begin hearing that familiar refrain, “I’m bored”. The library’s summer reading club, SPLASH, has begun, so if your child is not already registered, then come on down. It’s very simple, children read what they enjoy, keep track of the time they spend reading, and come to the library whenever it’s convenient. Minutes are added up and for each hour children spend reading they will receive draw tickets for various prizes and book draws.

Studies have shown summer reading is vital for maintaining reading levels in children, but not all children enjoy it, so I’m offering a few suggestions for helping your child this summer. Downloadable ebooks are available from elibraries Manitoba, and the link for that can be found on the library’s website. If you own a Kobo ereader or other compatible device, try loading on a children’s book. Elibraries also offers audio books that can be downloaded onto an ipod, or mp3 player. To encourage a child to read books as well as listen to the audio versions, I suggest trying a series and alternating between the print version and the electronic version.

A library card and password are needed to download material, and staff will be happy to help.

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