Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

I don’t think we’ve ever highlighted a western, so Patrick DeWitt’s novel The Sisters Brothers will be the first. This is a captivating novel about two hired gunmen, the Sisters brothers. The story is told through the voice of youngest brother, Eli. It is a funny, sad and brutal life they have and they do not sugar-coat any of their actions. Even though they are the hardest type of criminal, one cannot help but wonder how life would have been for them if circumstances were different.

Readers will laugh out loud at Eli and Charlie’s strange relationship. At other times the gruesome descriptions of murders they commit are difficult to get through. It is a story that gives one a whole new perspective on what the old west was like and you wonder if the villains really were that much different than the heroes of the day. We would recommend The Sisters Brothers to anyone who enjoys a good old-fashioned western novel.

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