Monday, July 18, 2011

The Unthinkable: who survives when disasters happen and why by Amanda Ripley

Disasters can take many forms, and we often find ourselves in a situation that could lead to disaster. Do you know what to do? For instance, the first time this summer we heard the town’s emergency siren - how many of us had taken the time beforehand to know what it meant? Knowledge, it seems can save lives, and Amanda Ripley explains how in The Unthinkable, who survives when disasters happen and why.

Amanda Ripley is an award winning reporter for Time magazine. In 2004 she was working on a report about survivors of the 9/11 attacks. As part of her research she attended a Survivors support group meeting. She was prepared for an exchange of grief. Instead she found that these people had a different agenda. They had things they wanted to tell people. They felt that they had learned so much about surviving and they wanted other people to know. Ordinary citizens aren’t just victims in a disaster; they are the first responders and often the heroes. They are the most important people on the scene. Almost all the survivors she met said there were things they wished they would have known, and things they wished you would know.

Currently, only Miami branch holds this book, but it is available through interbranch loan.

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