Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The sweetness of Tears by Nafisa Haji

The Sweetness of Tears is a beautifully written novel by Nafisa Haji, a story that interweaves multiple generational and cultural viewpoints.

The book revolves around Jo March, who comes from a conservative Christian family, but finds herself questioning her faith. During her spiritual struggle, she comes to find out the startling truth about her past, and her history. In order to reconcile with her lost self, she travels to Chicago, Pakistan and Iraq. She learns Urdu and Arabic on the way, so she can bring her family together and find some semblance of peace in her life.

The author transports the reader from the mundane to places like Pakistan and Iraq. The descriptions are so vivid, that one feels transported to the streets of Pakistan, or immersed in the sweltering heat of Iraq's desert.

The way that author Nafisa Haji speaks of both Islam and Christianity in a fair and unbiased light is truly commendable. This book is a powerful reminder of the ties that bind us, the choices that divide us, and the universal joys and tragedies that shape us all.

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