Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Matter with Morris by David Bergen

This week, Winnipeg author, David Bergen’s novel The Matter with Morris is featured in the Sunday Book Review of the New York Times. It seemed like a good time to highlight this book.

In this novel, Bergen delves deeply into how we deal with grief. Morris receives the devastating news that his son, who joined the military after an argument, has been accidentally killed in Afghanistan, by a fellow soldier. Now Morris, a pacifist, must come to terms with this tragedy. He and his family react with anger and grief. Morris’ wife and daughter blame him for the tragedy. Morris’ behavior changes and soon he finds solace in writing letters to some unlikely recipients.

Polly Morrice, the reviewer, writes that this is not a novel about writing, family and betrayal, but that ultimately “The Matter With Morris is more interested in showing that simply getting on with life is one of the best ways to counter grief, a premise it supports with quiet effectiveness.“

To read the full review in the New York Times, please find the link on the library’s facebook page. The library holds several copies of the novel.

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