Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oliver's twist by Craig Oliver

Christmas seems to have snuck up on everyone this year. Don’t let it catch you without a book this holiday, so hurry in now. This is the season to catch up on all the new titles that are released in the months before Christmas.

Such a book is Craig Oliver’s, Oliver’s Twist: The life and times of an unapologetic newshound. Craig Oliver is well known as the chief parliamentary correspondent for CTV news. His experiences in that position alone could fill many volumes. This book is much more. It begins with the sentence, “My father was a bootlegger and, for a short time, a jailbird.” With an opening sentence like that, who can resist. The book documents Oliver’s decades as a journalist and offers his reflections on the changes in the relationship between the media and those in power from the carefree attitudes of the 1970s to the tightly controlled communications of recent years. The most startling revelation of the book is that Oliver has been legally blind for more than a decade.

Lawrence Martin writes “A storehouse of insights, anecdotes, and eye-popping close-ups that make for a strappingly good book”. If you enjoy a great political book, this is a must.

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