Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Opening my Heart: A journey from nurse to patient and back again by Tilda Shalof

Have you seen the “Make death wait” commercials on television? I find them unsettling, and therefore an effective reminder to take heart health seriously. February is Heart Health Month and the library has many items for those who wish to learn more. Tilda Shalof has seen both sides of the Canadian health care system. She is a Toronto intensive care nurse who has recently written Opening my heart, a firsthand account of her experience as a patient in need of open heart surgery.

She had never seen taking care of herself as a priority until she could no longer ignore her extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pains. As Tilda comes to grips with the fears and concerns of her diagnosis, the OR, ICU, the cardiac ward, her recovery, rehabilitation, and her return to work, she gains new insights into the patient’s perspective.

Tilda’s open-heart surgery to replace a faulty valve took place at Toronto General Hospital. Her views on our Canadian health care system are well informed and interesting. This book is written with warmth and humour, and offers clinical detail as well as Tilda’s personal journey of healing.

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