Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King

When I first heard this title, 11/22/63 it took me by surprise, but I quickly got the significance. In this novel, just as he has done in others, Stephen King takes an improbable idea, and creates a way to make it happen. 11/22/63 revolves around the question of what would happen if this pivotal event in US history, the assassination of JFK, had never happened. The way this becomes possible is through a “hole” in the storeroom of “Al’s Diner” that allows one to step back in time to an afternoon in September of 1958.

High School teacher, Jake Epping decides to travel back in time and prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating the president in 1963 before he dies of lung cancer. His time travel gets mystifying, occasionally dangerous, and there are a few unintended consequences. There is also the question of whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald really did the deed in the first place?

This book is a really fun read; lots of excitement, some mystery and terror, and a love story written with King’s usual wry humor and sympathy. Jake Epping is a very likeable character and it’s a treat to be able to go back and live in 1958, lots of smoking, cheap prices, and big cars.

I caught a CBC interview with the author a couple of months ago where he discusses this book. I thought it was a great interview, so I include the link here. Click here.

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