Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book

Does your house suffer from cookie cutter design, i.e. just like everybody else’s. The Better homes and Gardens New Decorating book may be just what you need to inspire you to do a spring spruce up.

This new book is full of low cost decorating ideas, and quick fix-ups. This book invites you to explore your personal style, and design for how your family lives. Included are colour lessons, how to mix and match patterns, textures and how they add comfort to a space, and using design elements like balance, rhythm and scale. The book address design challenges for many housing styles and sizes, such as combining modern elements with family heirlooms in a comfortable old farmhouse, or bringing warmth and individuality to a small condo space.

Besides being practical this book is eye candy for anyone who enjoys decorating books and magazines. The pictures are large and bright. The designs in the pictures are not garish or tacky, but sophisticated and stylish (well, most of them).

This is only one of the library’s many decorating books and magazines that can inspire you to do a makeover of your space.

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