Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If you lived here: houses of the world by Giles Laroche

A new children’s non-fiction title caught my eye this morning in the book return. If you lived here: houses of the world by Giles Laroche is beautifully written and illustrated.

I like this book because it helps children learn about other cultures, and helps them realize that not everyone lives in house the way they do. If you lived by the sea in Chile, you could catch fish from your bedroom window. If you lived along the Grand Canal in Venice, you would take a boat to school. If you lived in parts of Spain, even today, it is possible that you would live in a cave.

Depending on the age of the child, this book offers much more detailed information. Secondary to the main text there are descriptions of each entry, materials and building methods, locations, the date when the structure was built and how it is used today, and fascinating facts about the dwelling. These notes on each page are interesting for adults as well. Each intricate paper-cut illustration is finely crafted and full of small details. The illustrations are bright and seem to jump off the page.

This book is a real treat to read.

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