Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Boredom busters

“Mom, I’m bored!” Is this a common refrain around your house during spring break. A trip to the library can help in many ways. Of course, there’s the obvious of choosing books and magazines to read for fun. Everyone has a certain type of book they enjoy and the staff at the library can help your child discover an author, or genre, that will keep them entertained and quiet. If you’re travelling, stock up before you go.

There are also many books full of crafts and fun ideas for kids. I pulled Things for boys to make and do, published by Usborne and found it full of great ideas for keeping boys and girls busy. For instance, in this book there are activities as diverse as painting a scene, creating all sorts of interesting monsters, or drawing a pirate treasure map. Combine a pirate activity with a book on the same theme, like something from the Pirate School series. Make a flying dragon as you read Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashby. Make a scary skeleton and get started on the 39 Clues series with book one, The maze of bones.

Morden, Winkler, and Altona branches will be holding Spring Break activities, so check the website or facebook page for those as well, and enjoy the week.

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