Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thousand farewells by Nahlah Ayed

Lately, Nahlah Ayed’s book, A Thousand Farewells: A reporter’s journey from refugee camp to the Arab Spring has been making headlines.  This is an intriguing book.
Nahlah Ayed was born in Winnipeg.  She writes, “ Winnipeg was where we children were born … where we got our first degrees and took our first jobs.  It was where our hearts and early friendships flourished.  Winnipeg was family.”  At the age of six, Nahlah’s family moved to a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman Jordan.  It was at this point that Nahlah met her extended family and she learned the history of her people.

At the age of thirteen Nahlah returned to Canada and continued a normal life in Winnipeg until the first Gulf War and 9/11.  Fluent in Arabic, she returned to the Middle East as a journalist.  Since then, she has reported on the Arab struggle and has been a CBC correspondent since 2002.

It is rare that readers see a situation from so many perspectives.  First as a child, she experiences the dangers that attending school can bring.  Then, as an adult, she offers the poignant, deeply moving stories that are best coming from a journalist who shares the history and language.

A copy of this new book is available in all four branches.

Listen to a fascinating interview with the author on CBC: The Current.

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