Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rather Outspoken by Dan Rather

I am doing something I don’t like doing … talk about a book I haven’t read, and don’t have in front of me.  The reason is, the book is out, and proving very popular, and my name hasn’t come up for it yet.  But, I’m not letting that stop me from telling you about an important new book, so here goes.  What I’m telling you is based on radio and television interviews with the author.

Dan Rather has been a fixture on television news longer than most of us can remember.  In his new book, Rather Outspoken, Dan Rather describes some of his experiences covering the most important news stories of the last half of the twentieth century, from the assassination of President Kennedy, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, the downfall of Richard Nixon, the Gulf War, the Bush presidencies and much more.  As you might guess, he also discusses how reporting the news has changed from the emergence of the television age to instantaneous coverage today.  He examines the role of corporations (and his participation) in the trivialization of the news in today’s world.

What came across in the interviews with Dan Rather, and I’m sure the book is no different, are his wealth of experience, his deep sense of honour, and most of all, his passion for the news.

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