Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympics: From Ancient Greece to the present day by Richard Platt

The Summer Reading Club is in full swing at all library branches.  If you’ve been away and are now looking for ways to keep kids occupied, head down to the library and sign them up.  Kids read what they enjoy, and can win some terrific prizes.

The theme this year is “Imagine”.  I’m sure that one thing that all kids will be imagining over the next couple of weeks is winning gold at the Olympic games.  A new book, by Richard Platt, Olympics: from Ancient Greece to the present day is an overview of the Olympic movement from its earliest beginnings in 776 BC to the modern day.  The book is aimed at a younger audience, so don’t expect any in depth material.  Still, the pages offer the highlights and lowlights of the Olympic movement over the past century.  Amazing courage, records, some fierce rivalries, politics, and scandals are all written about.

It’s a great way to enter into a discussion with a youngster about the many aspects of Olympic sports.

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