Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silver by Andrew Motion

What image does the title Treasure Island conjure up for you?  What would your reaction be if I told you there is now a sequel to that timeless classic?  Probably the same as mine – NEVER!  But then I heard that Andrew Motion had done just that.  The reviews were excellent, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Silver is the adventure tale that follows the son of Jim Hawkins and the daughter of Long John Silver back to Treasure Island to retrieve the silver that their fathers had left there years before.  Young Jim steals the map from his father, and the young pair set off in the ship outfitted by the elderly former pirate.  But when they reach Treasure Island, it is not the abandoned paradise that they expect.  Treasure Island is inhabited, and what Jim and the crew witness upon arrival, compels them to act.

I was surprised – this tale of love and loss, honour and cruelty is a worthy sequel to the original.  Incidentally, if you’ve never read the original, the library owns several editions.  I highly recommend it and the ending leaves you wondering if there will be a sequel to the sequel.

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