Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Books by, and about, Julia Child

Today marks the 100th birthday of Julia Child.  Books by her, and about her are numerous.  Her biographies tell the story of an amazing, independent and interesting woman who lived life on her own terms long before the rest of us caught up.  This morning I caught an interview with the author of a new biography about her, entitled Dearie.  It sounds fascinating.  It is on order, so watch for that one arriving soon.

While you’re waiting, check out one of her cookbooks.  The one I have in my hand is Julia’s Casual Dinners.    This book is part of a series done for public television.  It has a very conversational style, and offers everything from menu preparation and shopping hints, to how to cook and serve each dish.

One thing that surprised me was learning that Julia Child had spent time in the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, during World War II.  In the book, A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS, by Jennet Conant, we learn of her experiences in World War II.  Julia Child was not a spy, but she knew who was, and was deeply immersed in that world.  During the 50s, Julia Child, like so many others, faced the horrors of McCarthyism.

A fascinating woman indeed.

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