Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drop the Worry Ball by Alex Russell and Tim Falconer

Angela Mulholland at CTV news poses the question, “Remember when parenting didn't mean constant nagging, cajoling, bribing and begging? When you could stand back and watch your kids from the sidelines, doing their thing without your help?”  Authors Alex Russell and Tim Falconer suggest the parents should Drop the Worry Ball.  The subtitle sums up the book with, How to Parent in the age of Entitlement.

The authors argue that it is time for parents “to stop micromanaging every aspect of their children’s lives”.  They state that “parents are too willing to provide every material comfort, and also become meddlesome managers, rather than sympathetic advocates”.  Every parent knows that it is the natural tendency of children to manipulate their parents into doing everything for them.  It is also the natural tendency of parents to feel that their children’s failure is a sign of parental incompetence.  Overcoming these tendencies is the focus of this book.

This is a season of high anxiety for parents when children are faced with new challenges.  Drop the worry ball is one of a number of new releases focusing on parenting in (what is being called) the "age of entitlement".   Every library has a parenting section, so stop by.

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