Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Myth of the Muslim Tide by Doug Saunders

It’s the 11th anniversary of 9/11 this week.  Nightly on the news we hear how anti-multiculturalism factored into Anders Behring Breivik’s murderous rampage.  Information and mis-information abound, and understanding immigration and multiculturalism in today’s western society can be a challenge.

Globe and Mail reporter, Doug Saunders, has researched immigration trends in the past, and compares those to the Muslim experience.  The result The Myth of the Muslim Tide is now available.  In an interview on CTV news, Saunders sums up his findings, “Generally Muslim immigrants are converging with western populations in the same way Jews and Catholics did when they were the latest and most controversial wave of immigrants – probably a little bit faster”.  Saunders tackles misconceptions about Muslim’s loyalties and a perceived proclivity for extremism.  For those who believe that because Muslims have large families they will soon be a majority, he points out that in the past when new immigrants first arrive, they tended to have large families.  But usually within two or three generations, the reproduction rate is roughly the same as the community around them.

Saunders points out that he is not a defender of Islam, he just aims to debunk misconceptions about Muslim immigrants.  Several copies are available in the library.

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