Tuesday, October 23, 2012

50 Years of James Bond

Can you believe it – James Bond is 50 years old. 

The editors of Life have complied 50 years of James Bond, and it is a complete look at every aspect of this pop culture phenomenon.  The James Bond that fans know and love, has taken on a different personality with each actor that has played him.  If you think that there were only four, you’d be wrong; there have been eight.  Of course, most fans still agree that Sean Connery was the best Bond.  This book also delves into Ian Fleming’s background in Military Intelligence and the role that played in the development of his character.  Just like a good James Bond movie, this book is a bit cheeky with a look at each of the actors who played the role, Q, M, the Bond girls, villains, gadgets, and cars.  Each movie is described in some detail.  

Anyone who has ever read an Ian Fleming, James Bond novel, will realize that the Bond of novels is much more serious about his work, than the wise-cracking spy on the big screen.  Unfortunately most of the old James Bond novels are no longer in the library’s collection, but are still available through Inter-library loan, downloadable audio book, or ebook.

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