Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Daughter's tale by Mary Soames

This weekend we remember all those Canadians who fought in the wars of the past century.  A new book gives us insight into one of the great military leaders of the 20th century.  Mary Soames, the youngest daughter of Winston Churchill, is approaching her 90th birthday, and has written a fascinating and revealing memoir, entitled A Daughter’s Tale.  Drawing from her diaries, family history, and many research sources, this is an intimate look at the household in which she grew up and at the events that shaped our society.

What an interesting life she has led.  Soames offers warm memories of growing up in idyllic surroundings of the family estate.  She always had a warm relationship with her father, and as she matured became one of his trusted companions.  We are given a glimpse inside the glittering social life of the aristocracy, and the British parliament as it debated what to do about events on the continent.  Soames describes the debate in parliament that forced Neville Chamberlain’s resignation and her father ascension to party leadership.  During the war she became a gunner in the women’s auxiliary, and she was by her father’s side when the war ended.

This book shows us a twentieth century icon who was a brilliant leader, and a loving father.

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