Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Canadian guide to prostate cancer by Leah Jamnicky

By now, all the Movember mustaches are looking pretty good.  We applaud all the guys who are attempting to bring more attention to prostate cancer and men’s mental health issues.  For this reason I am suggesting The Canadian guide to Prostate Cancer by Leah Jamnicky.

This book is described as being a comprehensive guide for Canadian men.  The latest scientific breakthroughs are described in easy to understand language.  Risk factors, screening, and treatment options are clarified.  There is a complete step-by-step guide to surgery and recovery.  This book includes a detailed description of the drugs used in the treatment of the disease.  This description comes from the 2008 edition of this book.  A new edition was just released within the last month and is on order.  

Movember also attempts to bring attention to men’s mental health.  There are books in the library dealing with mental health, and if there are specific titles, or concerns that patrons have, please ask the staff.

Thanks to the “Mo brothers”, there is much more information available on these issues than there was a few years ago.  We are suddenly seeing more books being published, and these are making their way onto library shelves and into the hands of those who seek this information.

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