Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

This week’s OFF THE SHELF comes from the SCRLreads page on the website.  When I needed a Christmas item, Mary, our head librarian, came through, and she writes:

“This is not your usual Grisham novel.  There are no lawyers or bad guys.  This is a “feel good” Christmas story.  The Krank’s only daughter has gone off to Peru with the Peace Corps to teach primitive children how to read.  They decide to “skip” Christmas and spend the money on a Caribbean cruise, which leaves on Christmas Day.  They soon discover that it’s not that easy to “skip” Christmas.  Hemlock Street is a very Christmassy neighbourhood.  The Kranks won’t be participating in the neighborhood Christmas decorating theme.  They won’t be having their turn at the annual Christmas Eve bash.  They aren’t even putting up a tree.  All their neighbours become very concerned.  Are they ill?  Is something wrong?  And then, at the last minute, their daughter announces she’ll be home for Christmas after all.”

The library has a sizable collection of Christmas-themed fiction for anyone wanting to put a little Christmas spirit into their reading.  The brochure “Holiday Fiction” is available on the website, so have a look.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, and keep reading in 2013.

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