Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Concussions and Our Kids by Robert Cantu M. D.

Concussions in sport, especially among young athletes, has become one of the most important sports stories of the past decade.   Concussions and Our Kids by Robert Cantu, M.D. is a new, well-researched, well-reviewed book on the subject of how to protect young athletes and keep sports safe.  Dr. Cantu’s list of credentials is very long, and impressive.  He is considered a leading expert on athletic brain trauma, and a pioneer in the study of the link between concussions and progressive brain disease. 

This book offers practical information for parents and coaches on what head trauma is, why children are vulnerable, and what can be done to make youth sports safer.  Dr. Cantu explores how concussions happen in collision and non-collision sports.  He looks at Post-Concussion Syndrome and Second Impact Syndrome.  Dr. Cantu dispells many of the myths surrounding head trauma.  Finally he offers readers practical advise for keep kids safe; like tests parents can give at home, an explanation of what “rest” really means, an explanation of why helmets are no guarantee of safety, and much more.

This is an important book for all who care about young athletes and their well-being.

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